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Whenever we get an update we would like to show you around a different members Camper Van.

The vehicle doesn't have to be Concours, as many of the  vans are working vehicles, used  regularly, and will show the stresses and strains of good wholesome family use. Very few are exactly the same, as they become personalized by their owners over the years  If you would like your van featured, please send some clear photos or scans of the your Van and cover any points of interest. Send them to the Club Secretary or e mail them to me along with your write up.

This time we take a look at a

1967 Clark Cortez 

owned by Pat & Mike Bull of Vancouver Canada.

The "Cortez" was designed in the late 'fifties' as a mobile office
however, the maker believed there was a vast market for a 'recreational
home on wheels' and produced this very early motorhome in the USA
commencing in 1963..and losing money on every unit made due to the high
cost quality materials used to manufacture it. The Cortez cost as much
as a small new house and as a result was only bought by wealthy people
in California and Arizona. It won many awards for its design and
efficiency and road handling. Powered by the indestructible Chrysler
slant 6 engine with a four speed gear-box the Cortez ran at 60 mph and
gave 16 mpg. At 19 feet long and a full 8 feet wide, with a 6 foot four
head-room there was plenty of room for 5 to sleep comfortably.
This unit comes with a 3 burner hob, oven, fridge, h.w. heater,
blown-air furnace, air conditioning, awning, flush toilet, shower, hot
water, fresh water tank, waste tank, water pump, drivers door, passenger door, rear entry door, a ride as nice as a motor car and great visibility through large windows, and the rear door.

Other standard features included a folding entry step, front wheel drive
for better road handling during high winds, and better traction in snow.
Powersteering, power brakes, made driving ease even better.

This  Club member unit has its original interior which is "as new"
condition so nothing inside has been changed which makes this Cortez very
interesting to view and popular with other campers when on site.

There is a Cortez Owners Club in the USA and most owners do join that
Club which offers a source for parts, repair advice and sale of members units
when that time may come. The Clark Cortez was built from 1963 until 1969
by the Clark Equipment Co of Michigan who still are the largest
manufacturer of Fork Lift vehicles.

If you ever go to the Nasa Space Centre in Florida look for A Clark
on display. It was used to transfer the Astronauts to the launch pad.

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